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This beautiful First Generation F Model 1951 Ford F1 Pick up is presented in Blue over black fenders and running boards with a maroon vinyl seat and black rubber flooring on the interior. It has a beautiful oak bed and a 239 cu in 100hp Flathead V8 backed up by a 3 speed On the Tree manual Transmission. It has been completely restored approximately 8-10 years ago. Run beautifully and still looks great. Equipped with heat and dual wipers and tail lights. Perfect for any show or drive into town on those nice summer days. Starting in 1951, cargo beds used a hardwood floor rather than steel which this truck is equipped with. Options included dual windshield wipers, and a foot-operated windshield washer. Dual Windshield wipers & sun visors (this truck only has the single drivers side visor). Design of the F-Series truck changed tremendously from 1950 to 1954. From 1948 to 1950, the grill was a series of horizontal bars and the headlights were set into the fenders. For 1951 and 1952, the headlights were connected by a wide aerodynamic cross piece with three similarly aerodynamic supports. The rear window was wider in the later trucks and the dashboard was redesigned. F-Series trucks were assembled at sixteen different Ford factories. This truck is showing 65,677 original miles but has less than 5000 since it's restoration.