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2017 Ferrari 488 Spider

The Ferrari 488 Spider was introduced in 2015 to replace the previous 458 Italia. The 488 GTB was named "The Supercar of the Year 2015" by car magazine Top Gear, as well as becoming Motor Trend's 2017 "Best Driver's Car". Powered by a 3.9 Liter all-aluminum dry sump unit Turbocharged with two parallel ball-bearing twin-scroll turbochargers with air-to-air intercoolers and compressor wheels made of low-density TiAl alloy often used in jet engines to reduce inertia and resist high temperatures within the turbocharger. The engine produces 661 HP and 561 lbft of torque allowing a 0-60MPH sprint in a neck snapping 2.7 Seconds. The body of the 488 has been designed to increase downforce by 50% over the 458 while reducing aerodynamic drag. A new front double splitter serves two functions: increasing radiator cooling by forcing air into them and also channeling the air over the underbody vortex generators to create ground effect without adding unwanted drag. A newly designed blown rear spoiler (actually a slotted flap) integrated into the rear decklid and bumper increases downforce without requiring a raised wing. The central "Aero Pillar" deflects air under the flat body of the car while two vents in the bonnet provide an exit for air from the dual intakes of the front bumper, further reducing air pressure over the front of the car. Underbody vortex generators work to reduce air pressure beneath the car thereby increasing overall downforce. A larger rear diffuser works to increase the velocity of air exiting the underbody to further lower air pressure, in conjunction with active aerodynamic variable flaps that both reduce drag and increase downforce as controlled by a microprocessor. The increased size of the diffuser over the previous 458 requires the twin exhausts of the 488 to be positioned higher in the rear bumper for clearance. The scalloped side air intakes are a homage to those found on the 308 GTB,10 and are divided by a central partition. Air entering the top intake is partially directed into the turbocharger compressor intake, while the rest is directed through the rear of the car and exits alongside the rear lights, increasing air pressure behind the car in order to reduce aerodynamic drag. Airflow entering the lower intake is directed towards the intercoolers in order to cool the intake charge. Even the door handles - dubbed 'shark fins' - are shaped in a way which improves airflow by cleaning and funneling air into the large intakes above the rear wheels. The Ferrari 488 was designed by Flavio Manzoni and won the Red Dot "Best of the Best" awards for Product Design in 2016. The 488 Spider boasts a folding hardtop, just like its predecessor and is only 110LBS heavier than its coupe sibling, and 22LBS lighter than the 458 Spider. This Stallion is Finished in Special-Order Rosso Fiorano over Cioccolato full leather interior with red stitch. It has 2,557 miles registered and is absolutely pristine. Complete with all of its Factory Accessories including window sticker, car cover, battery tender, books and tools and two sets of keys. Protected with clear armor protection, dripping in Carbon Fiber, this 488 Spider is a head-turner that will not disappoint. Factory Warranty and Maintenance included. Additional options include: Yellow brake calipers carbon fiber side air splitter outer carbon fiber B post trim rear diffuser in carbon fiber carbon fiber central bridge Daytona style seats Cavalino stitched on headrest sport exhaust system colored mats with logo carbon fiber steering wheel + LEDs - Scuderia Ferrari shields parking camera front and rear parking sensors - sport sill covers - Ferrari historical colors Rossa Fiorano 321 - chrome painted standard wheels - yellow rev. counter full electric seats - premium Hi-Fi system colored special stitching 0.R. Bordeaux 0106. It would be near impossible to duplicate the overall desirability of this 2017 Ferrari Spider!