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1994 Besasie Automotive Company Baci

1994 Besasie Baci - Based on the 1934 Mercedes 500k. This is a totally hand built luxury roadster, built on a new (in the 90's) Ford Thunderbird chassis. The Baci Company was formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin June 1992 to serve the market of neoclassic owners loyal to then-bankrupt Excalibur Automobile Co., also in the Milwaukee area. Raymond Besasie had designed Excaliburs until 1986. Three people built the Baci with Joseph, Raymond, and Ray Jr. The Baci's body was built under a contract with the Racine, Wis., company Fiber Tech. It took about 65 days to build one Baci, from the time the frame tubing is put on a fixture for welding, to the final hand-buffing. Factory HAND built!!! Using the Fuel injected 5.0 V8, automatic transmission with overdrive, cloth power top, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power trunk release, power locks and power seats. Dual hood releases, easy to remove fender skirts, dual airbags, climate control with working air-conditioning, tan leather interior & fitted top boot. Cost over $85,000 in 1994, would now cost well over $160,000 to build today. This is #09 of only 14 ever built!!! SUPER RARE & showing only 10k miles. Here is one of the coolest & rarest Neo-Classic automobiles ever built. Baci, made by Besasie Auto Co. Inc. That's where the "BACI" name comes from. Built mainly by the ex employees of Excalibur Motors after they closed their doors. THIS IS NOT A KIT CAR AT ALL, it does have some 1934 Mercedes 500K styling though. Only 14 cars were ever made, this is one of only a few still known to exist. Number 9 of only 14 made. Built on a brand new Ford Thunderbird chassis, so they have a very nice ride and with all the creature comforts of a luxury car, large size trunk, leather interior, premium sound system, 3340 pounds, and its around 16 1/2' long. Super Rare Car that is nearly impossible to find. Amazing looking and a blast to drive and be seen in.