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1972 Plymouth Barracuda Sport Coupe

1972 Sport Coupe Barracuda - ORIGINAL NUMBERS MATCHING - 1 of 1, FOUR SIGNIFICANT OPTION COMBINATIONS ORIGINAL POWER SUNROOF CAR, AIR-CONDITIONING, SEE GALENíS CHRYSLER REGISTRY INFOMATION INCLUDED BELOW. In the world of muscle cars, especially in the world of Mopar muscle cars, there is one word that gets the attention of all muscle car collectors and that word is Cuda, (the shortened version for Plymouthís Barracuda muscle car). In 1964, General Motors allowed the Pontiac Division to come out with the GTO, the really large production muscle car. It was so popular that Chrysler had to come out with several of their own versions, but none is more famous then the Cuda. One reason for this is the absolutely beautiful design. When it comes to interiors itís hard to find a more business like and attractive interior then the 1972 Cuda, which has bucket seats, a center console with shift. By 1972, Chryslerís Plymouth Division had fully developed its muscle car concept for the Cuda for both speed and style. As you can see this Cuda is striking with its extremely rare color combination of quadruple white, white paint, white side stripes, white vinyl top and lastly white vinyl interior. This Cuda includes another almost unheard-of rare feature, itís 1 of only 33 cars ever produced with a factory power sunroof (1 of 1 in this color combo). Its wearing Rallye Wheels and as factory correct no spoilers. The car has been restored throughout to a hi level a few years ago. Another interesting feature of the interior is the factory option 2 spoke steering wheel with original leather wrap. If you have ever driven a Cuda with a larger displacement engine you know that they weigh down the front end a great deal and negatively affect the carís handling ability. This car is equipped with the (NOW GETTING RARE) numbers matching lightweight 318 c.i. engine and hooked up to the factory 3-speed automatic transmission, it also comes with Power Steering and Power brakes, it is a real pleasure to drive. ALSO VERY IMPORTANTLY AND RARE, THIS CAR COMES WITH FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING THAT BLOWS COLD. Youíll appreciate this option greatly driving in the hot weather, as very few cars in this vintage were equipped with AC and even less actually work. Being a rare Cuda, its CRUTIAL that this car comes with documentation, a lot of it! Included are: TWO ORIGINAL BRAODCAST SHEETS, ORIGINAL EMISSIONS CONTROL BOOKLET, ORIGNAL LIMITATION OF LIABILITY CARD and ORIGINAL CONSUMER INFORMATION CARD. LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST THIS CAR COMES WITH GALEN GOVIAR REGISTRY DOCUMENTATION. Some of Galenís breakdown is below: These are only numbers of vehicles that are accounted for, these are not complete amounts. The amounts below include all U.S.A. ordered BH23G2ís accounted for to date. They also include the CANADIAN and EXPORT ordered cars accounted for. To date: this car is # 71 of 80 - BH23G2ís registered in VIN sequence. # 20 of 25 - BH23G2ís ď w/D34-Transmission. # 9 of 13 - BH23G2ís ď w/H51-Air Cond. # 6 of 7 - BH23G2ís ď w/A6XW-Trim. (A-Class, Front Vinyl Bucket Seats, White & Black int.) # 3 of 4 - BH23G2ís ď w/A51-Package. (Sport Dťcor Group) # 1 of 1 - BH23G2ís ď w/EW1-Paint. (Spinnaker White Paint) # 1 of 1 - BH23G2ís ď w/EW1+H6XW+V1W+V6W-Combo. ( White Paint, Interior, Vinyl Roof & Stripes) # 1 of 1 - BH23G2ís ď w/M51-Sunroof. # 1 of 1 - BH23G2ís ď w/Above Combination. This beautiful car was upgraded at the dealership with a modest coat of undercoating when it was new and when it was restored a fresh, light layer looks to have been reapplied. Everything is working as you would expect except for the fuel and temp gauge. Driven a remarkably low 51,700 miles since new. This Cuda is RARE, BEAUTFUL and would add a hi level refinement to any Mopar collection. HIGHLETED OPTIONS: Power Sunroof Rallye Instruments Light Package -Trunk light, Glove box light, Ash receiver light (bulb missing) Ignition switch light, Map/courtesy light. Sport Dťcor Group Fender mounted turn signal indicators Sport Hood Air Conditioning Bucket Seats Woodgrain Center Console Power Brakes Power Steering IF ALL OF THE ABOVE WAS NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU, THIS CAR ALSO COMES WITH TWO BUILD SHEETS AND EVEN A CHRYSLER REGISTRY LETTER FROM GALEN GOVIER. THIS CAR IS NOW IN THE CHRYSLER REGISTRY.