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1965 Ford Mustang

1965 Mustang Convertible: ROTISSIOURI RESTORED! Rangoon Red with Parchment vinyl interior. At the time we purchased the car the previous owner described it as follows: The Mustang was purchased new in Macomb, IL. it was owned by two previous individuals prior to its last owner whom we bought it from. He purchased the car in July of 2001. When he bought the car it had approximately 58,000 miles on it. The previous owner has always been involved in doing car repairs, he had previously restored two other vehicles. The Mustang was special to him in that it is a convertible with factory-installed AC, it has factory installed front seat belts and the engine is code “C”, that being a 289 cubic inch displacement with a 4bbl carburetor. In his first few years of ownership, he drove the car occasionally and did some early parts hunting in preparation for what he knew would be a full restoration later. In 2010 he started the complete restoration of the car. He removed almost all items from the car in preparations for the body restoration portion. The engine, transmission, convertible top, body trim, glass, interior components, and fuel tank were all pulled from the car. Basically, the body shop got the body on four wheels. Being that was the portion he would have professionally done and was in no hurry for its completion as he was busy with work, children, and such. So he gave the body shop the luxury of working on their portion of the restoration as time permitted. The Mustang was in the body shop for over four years. During that time, he had the transmission overhauled, the engine tuned (the engine had been completely overhauled just prior to his purchase) had the carburetor restored, and converted the old distributor to electronic ignition. All engine and engine components were cleaned and repainted to correct initial factory colors, he also cleaned and properly refinished all other surfaces of items that were removed from the car that were to be reinstalled in/on the car during the completion of the restoration. Upon completion of the body restoration, he began the installation of all the previously removed parts. All parts that had wear, significant or otherwise, or were critical to the function and safety of the car were replaced with new parts that meet initial factory specifications. Care was taken to ensure that upon final restoration the Mustang would be visually, and specification correct. A comprehensive list, probably lacking a few items, of replaced parts, are as follows: Convertible top, Fuel tank, Floor carpet, Bumpers, Floor mats, Backup lights, Seat covers, Exhaust system, All brake components, All front end suspension components, Radiator, Interior front door panels, Rear seat, interior panels, Battery, Exterior chrome trim, most Stainless Steel, Fuel pump and filter, Trunk mat and spare tire cover, Rebuilt power steering pump, Style steel wheels, Steering wheel, Engine area and trunk decals, Interior A/C heating case and more that’s been forgotten. After restoration, the car has been driven only a few miles, probably less than a few thousand miles. It has been in a few local shows, parades, and cruises.