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1996 Dodge Viper GTS

480 ORIGINAL ACTUAL MILES!!! TWO-OWNER CAR- 1996 brought forth some changes for the first generation of Vipers and with that came more power! At the heart of the snake is a potent 8.0L V10 that pushes out 450hp. Good enough for a 0-60 time of 4.0 and a quarter mile of 12.2 seconds at a trap speed of... 118mph! Keep your heart pumping as you row the smooth shifting 6-speed and listen to those 10 cylinders sing in harmony. Phase II models were upgraded bringing improved suspension and reduced braking distances. The exterior is finished in the original Viper GTS Blue coded PBE. Stripped with white lines, this is the iconic color combination we all know and love. Keeping the originality throughout, the OEM Alloys remain wrapped with Michelin Pilot SX with 275x40ZR17s upfront and monster 335x35ZR17s putting that 8.0L powerhouse to the road. Slide into the interior and the collector quality grade continues. The leather bucket seats wrap around you as the white-faced gauges keep an eye on things. AC comes standard in the 1996 Dodge Viper GTS, as do power windows, power door locks, airbags, and for taller and shorter drivers alike, adjustable foot pedals. With a limited production of 1,166 Coupes in 1996. This Collector-Grade Car has a mere 480 ACTUAL MILES and a clean CarFax. The original owner's manual assorted books and receipts and two keys and remotes are included. Dodge’s Viper came from Lee Iacocca and Carroll Shelby, who had a relationship that stretched back to the ‘60s at Ford. Following their success with turbocharging front-drive Mopars in the ‘80s, and at the suggestion of Chrysler exec and world-class car nut Bob Lutz, Chrysler set out to build a Shelby Cobra for the modern era: two seats, giant engine, and precious little else-while still conforming to federal regulations. It was a back-to-basics sports car in an era when technology was seen as a buffer between driver and driving experience. Dodge’s first Viper, sold from 1991-95, was called Viper RT/10. Its all-aluminum 8.0-liter V-10, offered power (400hp!), torque (450 lbs.-ft.!) and displacement (488 cubic inches!) not seen from a factory-built car since the ‘70s. Early Vipers included leather-trimmed, manually adjustable bucket seats, large-diameter alloy wheels, and an AM/FM stereo cassette player with clock. Yet it lacked airbags, air conditioning, roll-up windows, and external door handles. Sidepipes let out the exhaust just ahead of the rear wheels. Viper’s first facelift came in 1996 when the exhaust was routed out the back. Dodge added a new model: the Viper GTS coupe, the Daytona Coupe to the original open Viper’s Cobra. Along with the aero-slick top, GTS came with standard airbags, air conditioning, power windows, power locks, and a 450hp rating. The RT/10 gained the GTS’ equipment levels in 1997.

$139,995  (We Take Trades)